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    Quick reminder: Students who attend in-person learning will receive a breakfast and lunch meal before they leave school on Friday afternoon. The meals are for Monday’s virtual learning day so there is less food deficiency throughout the county.

    In addition, TCSS buses will be rolling into communities Monday to distribute meals for kids 18 and younger. There will be enough meals for five days. Those receiving meals do not have to be TCSS students. Meals are available to each young person in the community. The bus route delivery sites are available here.

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Alma Mater

Alma Mater: Hail to Thee, L.H.S.

With united hearts we praise thee; all our loyalty is thine,
and we hail thee Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine.

May thy name forever waken an affection deep and true,
May we Lead, Honor and Serve thee; LHS the White and Blue.


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Hear a recording of the Alma Mater

The original words were written by Danny Stinson of the Class of 1957.  Originally set to the tune "Far Above Cayuga's Waters" the Alma Mater of Cornell University.  The words were adapted and edited to a single verse version with a new melody in 2015.


In the town of Elms and Roses there's a spot that ever calls,
Where among the the hills enfolded stand our Alma Mater's Walls.

Where the trees life high their branches, to the whisp'ring southern breeze.
There our LHS is calling to our hearts’ fond memories.

With united hearts we praise thee; all our loyalty is thine.
And we hail the Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine.

May it brighter grow and brighter,and with deep affection true.
May thoughts of thee forever, linger round the White and Blue.

May thy fame in all the nation through they sons and daughters grow,
May they name forever waken in our hearts a tender glow.

May thy counsel and thy spirit, ever more thy children bless,
and our own shall be thine honor; Hail to Thee, Dear L.H.S.!